Why learn with Divine Theratrix?

If you are looking for a BDSM teacher who has a somatic and holistic approach, you have found one.

Divine Theratrix wants you to learn not just how to do BDSM, but how to do BDSM in a way that is self-aware, emotionally intelligent, and trauma informed.

BDSM spaces present an increased risk of harm. BDSM can never be completely safe. With Divine Theratrix, you will learn how to anticipate, recognise, and reduce harm to yourself and your partner/s.

Why learn about BDSM?

The subculture of BDSM is a rich landscape of potential learning opportunities.

For some, BDSM may serve as both a healing and a harm reduction approach to emotional trauma and pain.

For many, BDSM is a structure that helps them to connect more deeply with themselves and their partner/s.

For most, BDSM is an adventure. What you encounter when you learn and practice BDSM, are the edges of you as a person. You will experience new sensations and pleasures. Most of all, you will discover how your body, mind, emotions, and sexuality are all intertwined.

Gain confidence in your emotional and sexual offerings

Divine Theratrix is a conscious sexuality mentor as well as a BDSM teacher.

If there are specific areas of your sexuality or kink experience that you want to focus on or learn about, Divine Theratrix can prepare a curriculum designed to get you where you want to be. Use the enquiry form or send an email to dt@divinetheratrix.com to contact Divine Theratrix about your learning goals.

Check out some of our offerings

Intro to Kink

Expand your sensual awareness as you enter the erotic world of kink.

Intro to Kink – Divine Theratrix

House of Want

Honour your deepest desires and learn the delicious art of sexual domination.

House of Want – Divine Theratrix

Animal Play

Get out of your head and into your body in playful and tactile ways.

Animal Play – Divine Theratrix

Ready to learn?

Use the enquiry form to tell Divine Theratrix what you would like to learn.

What clients say

“Thank you for providing a safe container to explore my deeper desires, walking your talk in terms of compassionate integrity and for your generous support in connecting me with the wider s*x positive landscape. I’m so grateful for our time together, and recommend you to anyone seeking informed and compassionate coaching/consultancy in conscious relating and s*xuality.” Andrew

“thank you for making my first dungeon experience beautiful and delicious. As well as being fun (and a little silly!), it was deeply powerful and transformative magic. I left feeling very light, happy and also free. You shared a beautiful gift with me and I want you to know that I am hugely grateful.” Paul