about divine theratrix

Welcome dear humans!

I’m Lara – aka Divine Theratrix – a professional kinkster and qualified integrative therapist empowering humans of all genders to explore, play and heal.

what does theratrix mean?

‘Theratrix’ is a blend of the words therapist and dominatrix. In my work, I help people to:

  • Connect to their true desires
  • Get out of their head and into their body
  • Access their authentic, sometimes hidden selves
  • Find their sense of playfulness again
  • Gain a deeper sense of self-acceptance and freedom

my approach

I facilitate meaningful experiences for people who wish to better understand their desires and gain more confidence in their emotional and sexual life. As a qualified and experienced trauma-informed therapist, I pride myself on being a safe pair of hands who can be trusted with even the most sensitive of matters.

As the Divine in my name suggests, I approach and infuse all my work with spirituality – including energy, metaphysics and quantum psychology. This means I treat my clients as holistic human beings with physical, mental, emotional, sexual and energetic needs. I believe that it’s only by working with these different parts of ourselves that we can truly feel happy, healthy and whole.

My approach incorporates:
  • Bodywork
  • Behaviour change
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Shamanic practices
  • Meditation
  • Neo tantra
  • Trauma awareness

my personal journey

My journey began in 2010 when I started exploring my sexuality at swinging and fetish clubs. The psychological aspects and potential healing implications of these experiences fascinated me and what followed was over a decade’s self-created apprenticeship of hands-on learning that saw me work in various incredible roles – including being a dominatrix, an escort and a kinky ritual healer.

I’ve been working as an integrative counsellor since 2015 and a multi- modality practitioner in the sex support industry since 2018. My first career was as a lawyer, and whilst I continue to work in that field, I now spend most of my time as Divine Theratrix helping people to heal and have more fun.

In whatever role I’m playing, my focus is always on freedoms. Freedom to be. Freedom to choose. Freedom to feel. Freedom from abuse. Freedom from shame.

Whether against external bullies or the inner tyrants of the mind, I show people how to be themselves, stand up for who they truly are and navigate situations that would otherwise feel daunting. Most of all, I hold space for people to soothe and heal their sore spots – particularly the places we don’t usually allow ourselves to go.

want to work together?

While the work of transformation is a serious business, my style is to make the process playful and fun. When it comes to sexuality and kink, I find that looking at it in the light of ordinariness is the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down. I also believe that shame is a magic-killer – and I would very much like to rid you of it. Ready to express your interest and begin the process of working together?