House of want

Honour your deepest desires & learn the delicious art of sexual domination.

In this 1.5-hour class, professional Mistress and kinkster Divine Theratrix will help you tune in to your desires and explore how to get what you truly want. You’ll learn how to consciously command so you can start taking charge in the bedroom and in life.

This class is for all women, and those assigned female at birth,  who want to take the lead and have their wishes fulfilled more often, but aren’t always sure how to ask for what they want.
Your class will take place at Centaur Studios Hackney – a purpose-built playground for adults to explore their desires. Each of the five themed studios is perfectly equipped for different forms of sensual play.

What you’ll do
  • Explore your true erotic fantasies and desires.
    Discover what a dominant mindset, posture and voice feels like.
  • Handle a wide range of tools for sexual domination and kinky play.
  • Practise crafting language that consistently gets your desires met.
  • Play with the archetypes of Monarch, Witch and Predator.
What you’ll learn
  • The different styles of sexual domination and which work best for you.
  • How it feels in your body when you are in charge.
    How to build confidence in your ability to command.
  • Tantalising ways to compel your partner to please you.
  • Safety and aftercare.

what my clients say: