Animal Play

Drop out of your head and come deep into your body as you go wild with animal play.

In this 2-hour playshop, you’ll access your primal nature as you get down on all fours and frolic with fellow creatures in a magical woodland setting. Purr and growl, meow and howl whilst you jump, crouch, smell and touch. Learn to rely on your instincts, ears and eyes – for in the animal kingdom, body language tells no lies!
This class is for anyone wanting to be playful and access more of their instinctual selves – whether you feel like a timid little bunny or wish to unleash your powerful inner tigress. Classes can be up-tempo and wild or soft and tactile according to your preferences. Your class will take place under the gaze of the Dryad in the Woodland Room at Centaur Studios Hackney – a purpose built playground for adults to explore their kinks. The Dryad is a benevolent tree spirit that evokes a sense of warmth and playfulness.
What you’ll do

• Use animal sounds and movements to express different feelings and emotions.
• Interact with other creatures and satisfy your physiological need for touch.
• Purr, growl or claw in response to the advances of other ‘beasts’.
• Guard your territory and spar with different creatures in a safe,
consensual way.
• Enjoy free time away from the usual human constraints, manners and
social norms.

What you’ll learn

• How to understand the non-verbal signals transmitted by yourself and
• How to use body language and the gaze to initiate or decline social interaction.
• How to stake your ground and defend your territory.
• How different types of animalistic self-touch can soothe your nervous system.
• How to access your primal nature and trust your animal instincts.

what my clients say: