talk confidentially with divine theratrix

Gain insight and navigate challenges so you can move forward in freedom and confidence.

Sometimes life sends us curve balls. And if we don’t have anyone to talk to confidentially when delicate or difficult issues arise, we can end up feeling isolated or go round and round in circles in our minds… Speaking with a skilled listener can help you process and gain insight into situations that are confusing, unexpected or troubling – leaving you feeling lighter, less burdened and with much more clarity, so you can move forward in freedom and confidence.

why trust me with your story?

As a qualified and experienced integrative counsellor and deep listener, I’m able to apply interventions from different schools of psychological theory. Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, I tailor each session to a clients’ individual requirements – asking the right questions and anticipating needs to ensure you always feel seen, heard and understood.

I sometimes also incorporate somatic practises and mindfulness exercises into Talk sessions to increase a sense of wellness and security.

Areas of specialism:

Having worked in the sex support industry for a number of years, I specialise in issues surrounding sexuality, kink, queerness, gender, ethical non-monogamy, sex work and neurodivergence. I also provide support with:

  • Resolving conflict in relationships
  • Healing from trauma
  • Building self-esteem
  • Alleviating anxiety and depression
  • Reducing work-related stress
  • Changing disempowering habits
  • Living with grief
Talk sessions:

Sessions are usually conducted by video call and each one is 50 minutes long – a counselling ‘hour’. In-person sessions in London may be available on request.

Sessions are an opportunity for you to confidentially discuss whatever’s on your mind and I can share psychological and/or somatic techniques to help support your process.

I have a special knack for asking exactly the right questions, enabling you to see and feel things differently and gain a deeper sense of self-acceptance and freedom.

I believe that most people have the answers inside of themselves already, but simply need someone to walk with while they look for them.

what my clients say: