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For all other enquiries, please email dt@divinetheratrix.com

To be compliant with GDPR and to be completely transparent, this is my privacy policy.

I take your personal data very seriously, so this is to show how I collect and store your information.
Contact me here: dt@divinetheratrix.com
If at any time you would like your personal data changed or deleted, email me at dt@divinetheratrix.com
Being a small business owner, I need to continually engage in marketing and advertising so that I can find clients and continue to provide services.
What data I collect
I collect data through this website contact form, emails, text messages, social media messaging, social media posting or any other ways that you communicate with me. I keep this data so I can communicate with you, for record keeping and in case of any legal claims.
I offer promotions, free gifts, prizes, and give-aways where I collect your name, email address and marketing preferences. You can click, “unsubscribe” at any time.
I collect your name and email address when you sign up to my mailing list so that I can send you my news, updates, and marketing materials. This data is stored on Mailchimp and you can unsubscribe from my list at any time, for any reason.
I do not, have not and will never sell your personal data to third-party companies.
I keep records of our sessions together, which is to help me work better with you and to monitor your progress. They help me remember what we’ve worked on and remember your most important details.

This will include:

– Your name
– Keywords or insights from the session
– Any pertinent information relevant to our work together

Your records are all anonymous, and I keep them on a separate USB stick, which I keep in a locked box. Nobody else can access this unless I am given explicit permission by you. If I have your mobile number, it is stored on my phone which is password locked and face ID locked. With any email correspondence, my email address is password protected.

I do not give your personal details to anybody else unless you give me permission to. I also would never sell your details- such as your name, date of birth or email address- to a third party.

Everything that is said in our sessions is completely confidential and does not leave the room. I need to see a supervisor as part of my ongoing professional development. This helps me to grow, gain support and guidance. Thus, I may confidentially share some of what is said in the session. If I do, I will not share your name, location, or any other identifiable information about you.

There are two other limits to confidentiality

1. If I feel that you or somebody else may be at risk of serious harm. This is to protect you and anybody else for safeguarding purposes. My priority is your welfare, and I want to put your wellbeing first at all times. If I needed to do this, I would always try to tell you first if possible.

2. If I am legally required to disclose information, such as being ordered by a court or if the law requires. In this case I must pass on your information without your consent.