Divine Theratrix sex education tutorials

Looking for sex education videos? You can access a lot of my content for free! In this article I am going to share links to the places online where you can find my videos.

How I make sex education content

I started making explicit sex education videos in 2019, because I wanted to bridge the gap between non-explicit sex education and porn videos. 

My content is graphic and informative, to be of maximum usefulness to those who might come to it. Throughout the creation process, I model consent and boundaries by negotiating everything with my collaborators in advance and only proceeding if consent is enthusiastic on the day.

I work with professional models to create tutorials for lovers who want to learn more about sensuality, kink, and pleasure.

You get to see actual demonstrations that are educational, not pornographic, and you can be sure that the content was produced ethically.
I hope you enjoy this juicy content, which you can access via the links to Joyclub that I will share below!

Primal massage

I love primal play, because it doesn’t require any tools but your body. It involves being with your senses, and experiencing another with your senses. 

If you want to try a different kind of sensual massage, check out my primal massage tutorial. 

Primal massage tutorial


Sensual pegging

Curious about anal strap-on play but want it to be sensual? I’ve got you! I really enjoy pegging as a loving form of penetration to offer a lover, and you can check out how I guided Belle and Seth in my sensual pegging tutorial. 

Sensual pegging tutorial

Pussy worship

I am an encourager of slow, slow, sensual pleasure rituals. Agreeing with a lover that an activity is going to be one-way touch allows whoever is receiving to relax into the sensations without thinking about reciprocating. Check out my pussy worship video for ideas on how to increase the effectiveness of your cunnilingus.

Pussy worship tutorial



Bum holes deserve pleasure too! This video is self-explanatory. If you want to know more about rimming, check out my tutorial and see what a great time Belle and Seth had snacking on each other.

Rimming tutorial

Breast worship

Focusing on one area of your lover’s body as a one-way touch ritual can be really beautiful. Breast worship is one example of that, demonstrated beautifully by Seth on Belle in my breast worship tutorial.

Breast worship tutorial


Intro to Kink

It never hurts to recap on some basics! So if you’re a newbie or a veteran, you can find some useful ideas to incorporate into kinky play by watching my Intro to Kink tutorial with Belle O’Hara.

Intro to Kink tutorial

Vaginal massage

In this tutorial, you get to see how I massage Belle O’Hara intimately. I hope you learn something new or feel inspired to indulge in some pussy pampering after watching this! 

Vaginal massage tutorial

Prostate massage

I got to work with Eyemblacksheep in this tutorial, where I massaged his prostate. View it via the link below!

Prostate massage tutorial

Anal fisting

If it seems like a scary prospect, you might feel better about fisting after you view my tutorial. Eyemblacksheep and I had a giggly time when we tried it out for this video, which you can view below. 

Anal fisting tutorial


You can make masturbating a penis really fancy too! Make it a one-way touch ritual, take it slow, and blow their mind! Check out my handjob tutorial below.

Handjob tutorial

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