Intimacy, sensual and sexual exploration, personal development can be fun. Play is the most effective way of learning and growing.

I co-create fun, free-spirited experiences with you. Let’s dive into the unknown together and bring back the gifts of fun and empowerment.


The feeling of being heard, without judgement, is the first step to growth. I create a safe space in which you can share your innermost thoughts and feelings, your curiosities or traumas, and guide you how to transform these into positive and practical steps forward.


Knowledge is power – power to understand yourself, to create more meaningful bonds with the people around you, to enhance pleasure. I take you on structured journeys of open relating, sensuality, and conscious kink. Let’s embrace life from a place of knowledge and skill.

Hi I’m Divine Theratrix. You might know me by some other names too. I used to be a lawyer and I’ve also run businesses in holistic therapies, including counselling. In 2018 I decided to become a sex worker. I trained as a Conscious Kink Practitioner with the School of Erotic Mysteries and Divine Theratrix was born. ‘Theratrix’ is a mashup of the words ‘therapist’ and ‘dominatrix’.