Play is the most effective way of learning and growing. I am passionate about teaching adults how to safely lose their inhibitions and create playful intimate experiences. 


The feeling of being heard, without judgement, is the first step to growth. I create a safe space in which you can share your innermost thoughts and feelings, your curiosities or traumas, and guide you how to transform these into positive and practical steps forward.


Knowledge is power – power to understand yourself, to create more meaningful bonds with the people around you, to enhance pleasure. I take you on structured journeys of conscious kink and offer you tools to help you embrace your sexual life from a place of knowledge and skill.

Hi I’m Divine Theratrix. ‘Theratrix’ is a mashup of the words ‘dominatrix’ and ‘therapist’ – see what I did there?

I like to mix things up, especially play with talking and learning.

I am endlessly fascinated with the human psyche and how conscious kink is a tool that can be used to access it and unlock doors to transcendental experiences.

Above all, I think that shame is a magic-killer and I am passionate about ridding people of it.

Helping people to lose inhibitions and experience more pleasure is one of my greatest joys.