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House of Want session


In this 1.5-hour one-to-one class, professional Mistress and kinkster Divine Theratrix will help you tune in to your desires and explore how to get what you truly want. You’ll learn how to consciously command so you can start taking charge in the bedroom and in life. This class is for all women, and those assigned female at birth, who want to take the lead and have their wishes fulfilled more often, but aren’t always sure how to ask for what they want. This class is held in accordance with Divine Theratrix’ Working Agreement.

The price stated is the top rate for those that have disposable income and are comfortable to pay it. For clients that cannot contribute the top rate, there are two discount code options. Please consider your capacity and what feels right for you. Options: code 10OFF for 10% off; or 20OFF for 20% off.