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Animal Play session


In this 2-hour playshop, you’ll access your primal nature as you get down on all fours and frolic with fellow creatures in a magical woodland setting. Purr and growl, meow and howl whilst you jump, crouch, smell and touch. Learn to rely on your instincts, ears and eyes – for in the animal kingdom, body language tells no lies! This class is for anyone wanting to be playful and access more of their instinctual selves – whether you feel like a timid little bunny or wish to unleash your powerful inner tigress. Classes can be up-tempo and wild or soft and tactile according to your preferences. You may work one-to-one with Divine Theratrix or bring a partner to work as a trio and in all cases, the session will be held in accordance with Divine Theratrix’ Working Agreement.

The price stated is the top rate for those that have disposable income and are comfortable to pay it. For clients that cannot contribute the top rate, there are two discount code options. Please consider your capacity and what feels right for you. Options: code 10OFF for 10% off; or 20OFF for 20% off.