I am a sex coach in London.

Previously, I was a lawyer and I’ve also run businesses in holistic therapies.

In 2018 I trained as a Conscious Kink Practitioner with the School of Erotic Mysteries and Divine Theratrix was born.

I am trauma informed and trained as a counsellor, so I have a variety of tools at my disposal such as somatic experiencing exercises that I can guide you through and communication skills coaching.

But its not all about my qualifications. I decided to become a professional BDSM practitioner and sex coach because I love BDSM and sex, and I love to help people to have more enjoyment of BDSM and sex. I have over a decade of experience in BDSM and I’ve explored many kinds of intimate relationship, such as open-relating and polyamory.

I’d love to give you the benefit of my experiences and help you to get to where you want to be.

In peace, love and kink,

Divine Theratrix