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Tarot reading


A talk session with a metaphysical twist. Divine Theratrix will use tarot cards to add colourful imagery to the conversation. Tarot cards are a tool to help you tap into your own intuition and the wisdom of the universal energy that guides your life. Tarot, which has origins in 14th century Europe, is not a form of fortune-telling. It’s more like a mirror that reflects what is happening in your inner world. Tarot acts as a visual interface with your unconscious mind and as such helps you to tap into hidden thoughts, feelings, and truths and bring them to the surface so you can use that information to make decisions about life, love, emotions, health, career, and more.

The price stated is the top rate for those that have disposable income and are comfortable to pay it. For clients that cannot contribute the top rate, there are two discount code options. Please consider your capacity and what feels right for you. Options: code 10OFF for 10% off; or 20OFF for 20% off.

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