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Sub without Shame


Sub without Shame is a 4-week commitment to learning about your submissiveness and building confidence in your offerings. There will be a one-to-one Zoom call with Divine Theratrix for 1-hour each week. You will be given foundational tasks to begin right away and carry on for the whole 4 weeks, as well as a new specific task each week. You will learn about devotion, and how this is a valuable gift to give both yourself and another. The hope is that this will help you to release shame and make valuable changes to how you think, behave, and feel. You can read Divine Theratrix’ Working Agreement here for information on confidentiality and boundaries.

The price stated is the top rate for those that have disposable income and are comfortable to pay it. For clients that cannot contribute the top rate, there are two discount code options. Please consider your capacity and what feels right for you. Options: code 10OFF for 10% off; or 20OFF for 20% off.

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