The ritual


  • Burial .
  • Rebirthing ritual.
  • Celebration ritual.


  • Cathartically release emotions.
  • Honour your grief.
  • Validate your core identity.

An outline of the Journey

The fast-paced way of living that humans have created leaves little space for grieving all the losses that we experience.

A new home. A new job. An illness. A change of relationship status. All of these relatively common events might not seem worthy of grieving but they all represent losses. Loss of a home. Loss of a job. Loss of health. Loss of a relationship. So many shifts and transitions occur and yet onwards we must go, without time to pause and reflect on who we are after those changes.

When a loved one dies, we have a ritual to mourn their passing and celebrate their life, which helps us to come to terms with the transition. But what about the countless versions of ourselves that die and are reborn throughout our lives? What about all the pent-up grief we store because we are too busy and must remain strong?

Divine Theratrix will give you permission to feel and release your grief. The old you will symbolically die and be reborn into a kind and loving embrace. Then you will celebrate!

Feeling brave?

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“Sorry it’s taken me a few days to send this, but I wanted to process all the beautiful and emotional moments of our session. You absolutely surpassed all of my expectations and held such a beautiful space for me to be fully vulnerable. I’ve felt lighter and more in touch with my heart since the session. Most of all, I hadn’t realised just how touch deprived I was and to experience your loving touch alongside in that beautiful vulnerable space was something I had longed for and hadn’t felt in a very long time. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3”

“Thank you for such a beautiful session yesterday. I entered feeling anxious and on an emotional knife-edge due to the travel and recent personal events, but left feeling honoured and better able to process my wider emotions.”