The ritual


  • Guided meditation.
  • Dress-up experience.
  • Feminisation experience.


  • Embrace sensuality.
  • Feel sexy.
  • Surrender control.

An outline of the Journey

This ritual is most suited to cis gender men who are curious about encountering another aspect of themselves.

There are masculine and feminine aspects within every human and it is our choice what we express on the outside from time to time.

First you will submit to Divine Theratrix’s wish that you dress-up. She will encourage you to adorn yourself with items that you associate with femininity and will revel in the colours and textures you choose.

After dressing-up, you must feel what it is to be a sensual being. Divine Theratrix will instruct you in ways of moving and be delightfully amused with how you express your newfound femininity.

Feeling brave?

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“I’m happy being a cisgender man – I just feel a draw towards the pageantry, scandal and flirtatiousness of transvestism.”

“This was my first experience in this arena and from the initial consultation, I felt immediately relaxed and any nerves moved quickly to excitement. DT’s approach showed great attention to detail around my needs in a caring manner, and the realisations I had during the session were extremely poignant ‘ah-ha’ moments that years of therapy have not been able to uncover.”