The ritual


  • Monster role play.
  • Wax play experience.
  • Impact play experience.


  • Release harmful narratives.
  • Reprogram unconscious mind.
  • Gain courage.

An outline of the Journey

The inner monster sabotages your good work and intentions. They tell you mean things about yourself. Left unchecked, the inner monster lives too close to day-to-day life.

It is your task to show your inner monster that you are the boss and banish it to the far reaches of your psyche.

You will bring your monster into reality by using its language, so that Divine Theratrix can confront it and elicit its submission.

Divine Theratrix will take you on a guided visualisation through the energy centres of your body and locate where your monster has left its marks, and together you will begin to weave a new story.

Feeling brave?

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“At first reluctant, Divine Theratrix gently guided me, peeling back the layers of my unnecessary armour. I went deeply into the journey, and finally into a space where I was safe to explore and experiment in a way I had never done before. As the intensity peaked it felt like I finally experienced a pure form of myself, something for which I will be ever grateful.”

“My time with Divine Theratrix was powerful, graceful and alchemical. She held me with strength and care and skilfully guided me into a release and deep surrender. I did not go easily, but her presence reassured me and finally I was able to let go. Deeply grateful for the experience and the healing I received.”