The ritual


  •  Guided meditation.
  •  Predator/Prey experience.
  •  Pet Play experience.


  •  Tap into your animal power.
  •  Find a place of submission.
  •  Release your inner child.


An outline of the Journey

Divine Theratrix will put you into a trance-like state that gives you permission to drop the trappings of humanity.

The animal state is where the basic urges exist, including your instincts. Day to day life often suppresses the inner Animal but they are there waiting to be let out.

First, you will become Prey to Divine Theratrix’s inner Predator, feeling a sense of helplessness and if you wish to access them, defiance, rage and lust.

Second, you will become Divine Theratrix’s cherished Pet, feeling a sense of playfulness, yielding and acceptance.


Feeling brave?

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“and I became aware of you beginning to softly prowl around my body, back and front, sometimes playfully stroking or even lightly scratching at my skin. The sensations were delightful! Gradually your movements became stronger, fiercer, you grasped at the muscles of my legs, and I was conscious that you seemed to be snarling close to my ears, and a couple of times I felt you lightly biting here and there, on my arms and shoulders. I began to respond, spontaneously and rather to my surprise, by snarling back at you, snapping my jaws as if to bite back at you playfully, but of course I could not see or know exactly where you were, so you were in no danger from my teeth. I felt very conscious of your feline, feminine power, here was a big cat, a Mother Jaguar as I think you put it, prowling around her cub fiercely but protectively.”

“More and more I felt the strength of my own body, and felt surprisingly free to show it, and uninhibited in my (albeit limited) movements. I felt free from the fear of hurting you with my aggression, with my animal lust, and unashamed to be showing it. This was a very unfamiliar feeling for me, and very liberating. Usually for me, in my submissive role in a bdsm scenario, my masculinity is sort of sublimated, my heterosexual lust is not expressed, its expression is (consensually) denied. So it was quite amazing to me to be led by you in a different direction, whilst still restrained by cuffs and chains, blindfolded and clamped. I really found myself letting go and entering into a euphoric state of spontaneous movement and vocalization. I had encountered aspects of my animal self that I would not otherwise have dared to express.“