What do you want to explore?

  • Somatic practices?
  • Consent and boundaries?
  • Conscious kink education?

Holistic exploration sessions

Holistic exploration brings your mind, body, sexuality and emotions together.

• First, book a consultation call.

• Divine Theratrix will then ask you about your goals and discuss session content with you.

• After your call, Divine Theratrix will email you with a proposed session outline.

Holistic exploration sessions bring together various modalities that Divine Theratrix has worked with over the years as a trauma-informed bodyworker and BDSM practitioner.

Each session is 2 hours long and you will do a mixture of activities based on the list below.


The activities you can explore

Somatic practise benefits

  • Confidence building
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Express yourself
  • Feeling more
  • Breath work
  • Primal movement

Consent and boundaries

  • Taking | Accepting
  • Serving | Allowing
  • Negotiating touch
  • Touch games
  • Body language
  • Communication skills

Conscious kink education

  • How to use sex toys
  • Pegging tutorial
  • Oral sex tutorial
  • Impact play tutorial
  • Role play tutorial
  • Femdom tutorial

The consultation

If you are a first timer to the Holistic Exploration offering, Divine Theratrix will have a call with you before agreeing to a session. This is so that she can understand what you would like to experience and how she can help.

If you arrange a series of sessions with Divine Theratrix to explore a range of activities, you will not need to have a consultation call with her every time, just the very first time.

Ready to explore?

Use the enquiry form to tell Divine Theratrix what you would like to explore.


More about the role of Divine Theratrix as your Guide

In Holistic Exploration sessions, Divine Theratrix’s role is to guide you. She will demonstrate skills that you get to practise with her support, and you will do activities together.

Some activities may be hands-on, such as consent and boundaries games, but Divine Theratrix does not offer bodywork or sexual surrogacy services in these sessions (nor in any of her sessions).

These sessions are not for you to receive BDSM play from Divine Theratrix. If you want to receive BDSM from Divine Theratrix, please go to the Rituals page.

If you have chosen a tutorial from the conscious kink education list, the intention is that you will bring a partner to play with so that Divine Theratrix can direct your practical exploration or if that is not possible, she can arrange for a professional model to attend the session as your practise partner, and they will add their own fee to hers. See the Rates page for details of fees.

Ready to explore?

Use the enquiry form to tell Divine Theratrix what you would like to explore.



“As a couple we have a great relationship, but we’ve always wanted to spice things up by trying out things we perhaps wouldn’t think of ourselves or ask each other for. With Divine Theratrix we’ve experienced something neither of us have ever had, a space to be guided in safely pushing our boundaries, allowing us to explore deeper intimacy with each other.”

“Him – it was really good having a structure to work with, because it gave me the opportunity to experiment with those few things. I could be purposeful in what I was doing. Thinking less about it made it easier to listen to her, gauge her reactions and give her the things she was responding to.

Her – normally sex feels quite rushed, straight down to business, but what was really nice was that everything was really slow and sensual. There was a real build up before any of the intimate pussy touching took place. It made me realise how many different senses the body has and how being blindfolded made a massive difference because I was just focusing on the touch and it made everything feel a lot stronger.”