Why learn with Divine Theratrix?

If you are looking for a BDSM teacher who has a somatic and holistic approach, you have found one.

Divine Theratrix wants you to learn not just how to do BDSM, but how to do BDSM in a way that is self-aware, emotionally intelligent, and trauma informed.

BDSM spaces present an increased risk of harm. BDSM can never be completely safe. With Divine Theratrix, you will learn how to anticipate, recognise, and reduce harm to yourself and your partner/s.

Why learn about BDSM?

The subculture of BDSM is a rich landscape of potential learning opportunities.

For some, BDSM may serve as both a healing and a harm reduction approach to emotional trauma and pain.

For many, BDSM is a structure that helps them to connect more deeply with themselves and their partner/s.

For most, BDSM is an adventure. What you encounter when you learn and practice BDSM, are the edges of you as a person. You will experience new sensations and pleasures. Most of all, you will discover how your body, mind, emotions, and sexuality are all intertwined.

Gain confidence in your emotional and sexual offerings

Divine Theratrix is a conscious sexuality mentor as well as a BDSM teacher. If you are not looking for specific BDSM teachings at this time but still want to have a trusted professional to help guide you, Divine Theratrix can tailor a set of sessions to you and your needs

Class: Intro to Kink

Intro to Kink is a class for anyone who wants to explore what kink is and how to apply it consciously.

Class: House of Want

House of Want is a class for femme and non-binary folks to learn the art of sexual domination.

Divine Theratrix thinks that the secret to taking the lead role in the bedroom is to know and honour your true desires. It is only by being in tune with what you want, that you will convince your partner that you are in charge. It is not about performing to please your partner, but about finding ways to compel your partner to please you.

Ready to learn?

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“As a couple we have a great relationship, but we’ve always wanted to spice things up by trying out things we perhaps wouldn’t think of ourselves or ask each other for. With Divine Theratrix we’ve experienced something neither of us have ever had, a space to be guided in safely pushing our boundaries, allowing us to explore deeper intimacy with each other.”

“Him – it was really good having a structure to work with, because it gave me the opportunity to experiment with those few things. I could be purposeful in what I was doing. Thinking less about it made it easier to listen to her, gauge her reactions and give her the things she was responding to.

Her – normally sex feels quite rushed, straight down to business, but what was really nice was that everything was really slow and sensual. There was a real build up before any of the intimate pussy touching took place. It made me realise how many different senses the body has and how being blindfolded made a massive difference because I was just focusing on the touch and it made everything feel a lot stronger.”