How to create your own death and rebirth ritual

Ever wondered what a ritual is or how to create one? Why would you even want to do a ritual? In this article, I explain what rituals are to me, how I incorporate BDSM into them, and how to create your own death and rebirth ritual.

How to get into the kink community

Do you have an interest in kink but have not explored it with others yet? If you want to find out how to get into the kink community, read this article for some of the tips I give to my clients.

My playground for adults

I am passionate about making BDSM accessible, and normalising kinks. That is why I do not call my BDSM space a dungeon. I prefer to think of it as a playground for adults.

How to Top your partner

Why would you want to learn how to top your partner? You might want to try something new. You might want to experience another aspect of yourself. You might want to please your partner.

Pet Play, the Divine Theratrix way

In this article I will talk about how I use Pet Play as an activity that helps to elicit the best that a person wants to come from themselves.


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