What is a Theratrix?

‘Theratrix’ is a blend of the words ‘therapist’ and ‘dominatrix’. What I do as Divine Theratrix includes helping people to:

  • Bring their spiritual and carnal natures together.
  • Connect their mind and body.
  • Find their sense of playfulness again.

Hi, I’m Lara AKA Divine Theratrix.

I’m a multi-modality practitioner with a focus on consciously applied kink as a vehicle for exploration.

My Background

I have been working as an integrative counsellor since 2015 and multi-modality practitioner in the sex support industry since 2018. These offerings weave together ways of helping you to heal and have more fun.

My training includes:

  • Bodywork
  • Behaviour change coaching
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Shamanic practices
  • Meditation
  • Neo tantra
  • Trauma awareness

My first career was as a lawyer, and I continue to work in that profession although these days most of my time is spent as Divine Theratrix.

In whatever role I am serving, my focus is on freedoms. Freedom to be. Freedom to feel. Freedom from abuse. Freedom from shame.

Whether it be against external bullies, or the inner bullies of the mind, I like to show people how to stick up for themselves and navigate situations that feel daunting. Most of all, I hold space for people to soothe and heal their sore spots.

As the name Divine Theratrix suggests, my approach to this work is to infuse what I do with what you might call spirituality, energy, metaphysics, or quantum psychology. You can take or leave any aspects that you want or don’t want. All you need to know, is that my holistic approach to viewing you as a human being considers your physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and energetic existences.

While the work of transformation is a serious business, my style is to make the process fun and playful. When it comes to kink, I find that casting it all in a light of ordinariness is the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down. I think that shame is a magic-killer, and I would like to rid you of it.

My personal journey with kink began in 2010 when I started deliberately exploring my sexuality in the swinging lifestyle, and later fetish clubs. The psychological aspects and potential healing applications of conscious kink fascinated me and in 2018 I completed Conscious Kink and Shadow Tantra Practitioner training with The School of Erotic Mysteries (Seani Love). What followed was a self-created apprenticeship of hands-on learning that saw me work in various roles including being a Dominatrix, an escort, and a kinky ritual healer.

I have published sex education videos on Primal Massage, Sensual Pegging, and Pussy Worship, as well as a course on Pet Play, and hosted workshops on Primal Play, and Sexual Domination.

Facilitating experiences for people who wish to understand and embody their desires and gain confidence in their emotional and sexual offerings is my passion. As a trauma-informed therapist, I pride myself in being a safe pair of hands to be trusted with vulnerable matters.

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