What does Divine Theratrix do?

Divine Theratrix takes explorers to places where they can find the magic that soothes the deepest longings in their hearts.

This magic helps you to:

  •  Bring your spiritual and carnal natures together.
  •  Connect mind and body.
  •  Find your sense of playfulness again.

Hi, I’m Lara and I’m Captain of the ship known as Divine Theratrix – welcome aboard!

I’m a multi-modality practitioner with a focus on consciously applied kink as a vehicle for exploration.

My Background

I studied Law at University and became a lawyer. I worked as a solicitor for over a decade but it was not the fight for the justice that I had dreamed it would be.

My interest in psychology rumbled along in the background and I was running a holistic therapies business from home in my spare time, which included counselling, massage, nutrition, reiki, and shamanic healing.

I was also an occasional travelling witch, offering tarot readings, and workshops at festivals, as well as running an online spiritual community that served patrons from all over the world.

In the shadows, I was living a social life as a swinger, and later a kinkster when I discovered that BDSM was more my bag than sex parties. I also explored a variety of relational structures including traditional monogamy, open relating and polyamory. These days I tend to think of myself as a relationship anarchist.

One of my mottos is “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it” – I’ve often done something just to see what it was like, and my only regret is not throwing away all my fucks earlier in life to save myself a lot of worry. But if I had, I wouldn’t be here now talking to you like this, so all’s well that ends well!


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