Equipped BDSM spaces are often called dungeons. The word ‘dungeon’ evokes dark imagery. I imagine pain and suffering in a dark, cold, and hard place. Dungeons are not places where anyone wants to end up. That is why I do not call my BDSM space a dungeon.

I prefer to think of it as a playground for adults.

I am passionate about making BDSM accessible, and normalising kinks. Language and aesthetics are important for many reasons. How we talk about, and present ideas can influence public opinion and perception. BDSM needs a positive PR campaign to bring it out of the shadows of judgment by the moral majority.

Aside from that, colours, textures, and shapes help to create atmosphere and as a neurodivergent person, atmosphere is very important to me. Being in a space that provides me with opportunities to manage my energy levels by gravitating away from or towards different atmospheres is beneficial. This is one reason why I created Centaur Studios, because I wanted to have a space to work and play in that catered for my sensory needs.

Rather than create a space based on one aesthetic, I create a series of worlds within a world. At Centaur Studios there are a variety of rooms, each with a different theme and a different invitation to play. I can take clients on a journey at Centaur Studios. The venue is great for small parties too, because guests can circulate around and play where their mood takes them. There is space for relaxation, and space for more up-tempo play.

I have attended plenty of fetish clubs since 2010, and I often found myself struggling to identify with a space or would become overwhelmed or tired. A common complaint of mine was that there would not be enough seating areas, or areas to lay down in a softer quieter environment away from the play or music. If you are multi-faceted like me, then you will enjoy different aesthetics. I think that many people are put-off of BDSM because of stereotypes that it is all black and red leather, sharp spikes, and stingy whips. There can be those things of course, and I like those things, but I also like turquoise, purple, suggestions of soft moss, sparkles, and pink and fluffy boudoirs.

Irving Olvera of www.tellmeyours.co.uk and winner Pioneer of Year award at the 2021 Sexual Freedom Awards visited Centaur Studios and interviewed me to find out more about the space, and you can view those interviews here:

My hope is that anyone visiting Centaur Studios would be able to find a little piece of themselves there, rather than dissociating from the space as irrelevant to them or not their kind of thing.

I also wanted it to be a space that people would not be able to easily pigeon-hole e.g. as a dungeon. The space is multi-faceted like me, and serves the various communities that I operate in. Therapists use the space for work with their clients. Small private play parties are held here. There are video and photo shoots, and professional BDSM sessions.

If you book one of my classes or a session with me, you will get to experience the space for yourself. I hope you will love it!

With love,

Divine Theratrix