I like to help people learn to read body language. You build confidence when you learn to read body language.

What is body language?

Human animals rely a lot on their thoughts and words so they miss a lot of information by not paying attention to body language.


Only 7% of communication is verbal.

38% is tone of voice.

55% is non-verbal facial expression.


I guided some friends through a primal play session and that is where the featured image was taken. My friends had fun using their bodies to communicate how they wanted to interact with each other. You can use your size, posture, movement and many other aspects of your body to give someone cues to come closer or go away.


Primal play

Primal play is the quickest way I know to help someone understand more about body language. This type of play excludes words and gives you a felt-experience rather than just theory. You learn how to communicate with your body and understand what another body is communicating to you.

My client told me that primal play made him aware of how big he was. He took this new awareness out into the world with him by making sure that he gave others enough space, because he didn’t want them to feel crowded.


Social events

Have you been approached at a social event even when you tried to ignore someone? They were probably ignoring your body language! My body language has been ignored a lot at fetish clubs. I want to see more training around what non-verbal cues people can look for at social events. Learning to read body language helps people understand if someone wants to be left alone or are open to social engagement. I like to think of these cues as a traffic light system.

In this video I talk about how much is communicated (and often ignored) in the form of body language and refer to my proposed traffic light system of body language cues.


You can find the piece for Torture Garden that I mentioned in that video via the link below:

Torture Garden | Making new connections in the sea of creatures

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