Be more playful

Do you want to be more playful? I think that being playful is important for a sense of wellbeing.

When you are playful, you feel joyful sensations that last long after the playing has ceased.

What is play?

When playing you are:

– out of time
– in the zone
– doing it for its own sake

The opposite is being:

– self-critical
– competitive
– perfectionistic
– preoccupied

Benefits of play

Up until relatively recently, there was not much research into the benefit of play for adults. Studies now show that play is just as important for adult brains as it is for the development of children.

Stuart Brown M.D. has done a lot of excellent work in this field and the following are quotes from his book ‘Play. How it shapes the brain opens the imagination, and invigorates the soul.’

Of all animal species humans are the biggest players of all We are built to play and we are built through play.

It fosters empathy and makes possible complex social groups. For us, play lies at the core of our creativity and innovation.


Being silly

My clients often say that they want to be more playful.

A lot of my work sounds serious, stuff about shadow psyche and trauma – and sure, the educational part is serious because it’s the nuts and bolts of the knowledge – a building block.

But the stuff I mostly do in sessions? It’s pure fun! I like to encourage as much silliness as I can. The sillier the better. It’s very enlivening.


Have you forgotten how to play?

I think that play is like dancing. Your body knows how to play but you have forgotten because you have stopped playing. Many people forget how to be playful because they feel self-conscious and lack confidence.

A large part of what I do involves giving people permission to be silly.

There is so much fear around looking silly!

I think that life is better when you don’t care if you look silly.


I’ve created all kinds of rituals in my day to day life that are spaces for me to play, be silly and laugh – it makes my day so much easier when I enter a state of free-play regularly.

Send me an enquiry to find out how I can help you learn to be more playful.

In peace, love and playfulness,

DT xx