Have you ever wanted to try something new with a lover but weren’t quite sure about the process?

Do you want to be a better lover? If you want to enhance your lovemaking, I’ve got some videos for you.

To be better lovers, we need to learn.

To learn, we need guidance.

I believe in learning through play and I believe in guided play, so I decided to create some video content to bridge the gap between porn and sex education.

My first sex education was informal and came from the 1991 documentary by Dr Andrew Stanway called ‘The Lover’s Guide’. I was at my friend’s house – we were about 6/7 years old – and we found the video in her mum and dad’s study. We sat and watched it secretly. There was one scene that I remember vividly, where the man and woman were in a bathroom caressing each other. The sensual nature of the content stayed with me. The content showed that sex was a sacred act. This is what tantra does – it makes everything more sacred.

My first formal sex education at school at age 11 focused on pregnancy and giving birth. Later sex education in my teenage years talked of contraception and sexually transmitted infections.

None of the formal sex education I received talked about relations between play partners, their comfort or pleasure.

I discovered more about what I was interested in sexually by watching porn in my teens. Lesbian porn was my favourite, followed by threesomes and group sex. But there was no guidance in porn. Porn is entertainment, not education.

After I became a sexuality professional in 2018, I realised that I wanted to create something like a modern version of The Lover’s Guide. I wanted to create something that depicted sexual acts that might be shown in porn but offered viewers educational content designed to help them embrace safety and sensuality in their lovemaking.

I had experimented with making some porn with a friend and colleague. One of our movies was of me fisting him. I’d never done it before. I knew what it looked like but didn’t know what it felt like or how to safely carry out the process, so he taught me and guided me. It was amazing! I didn’t know a man could anally ejaculate but with my friend’s help, I achieved it with him on my first attempt. I couldn’t have done that just from watching porn.

Now I have begun the process of producing a series of sexually explicit educational videos.

The image featured with this article shows me with the models I have been working with to produce this content – their performer names are Belle O’Hara and Seth. We really had a wonderful time in production and are looking forward to creating more.

The first 3 videos are now in distribution and you can purchase a discounted bundle via this link:


Each video includes an introduction from me as the guide, a talk about what has been agreed between the models for their comfort and safety, a demonstration by the models directed/narrated by me and a post-play interview with the models.

If you want to bring greater awareness into your presence as a lover and expand possibilities for how you play safely and sensually, please check out my videos!

Want more support?

I can provide a learning space for you and your partner, or you and a model, where you can try pegging. Here is a link to my booking page https://divinetheratrix.com/contactandbookings/

In peace, love and kink,

DT xx