Talking dirty vs wild sounds

“I’ve a mind to lay you down and split you like a rack of mutton. What would you say to that?”
“You know very well what I would say. I would say those half-formed, half-crazed words the she-panther makes when in the delirium of her seasonal heat she is mounted by her mate.”

The above extract is from the novel ‘Jitterbug Perfume” by Tom Robbins.

The sentence resonates with me as a sexual being. I think it is a very hot sentence.



I am mostly primal when I am sexual. I am like a large cat that feels powerful and confident in her physical capabilities.

When my sexual energy is aroused and I let myself drop into a primal state of animal lust, I make a lot of sounds but I am mostly non-verbal; I prefer not to use words.
What do I mean by “drop into a primal state of animal lust”? For me this is what happens when my romantic partner ravishes me. Picture two large cats together. There is yowling, growling, teeth and claws.

Even as a professional top that takes the role of predator in power-play dynamics, I enjoy being the smaller animal when in an intimate embrace with my romantic partner. When I am the smaller animal I don’t want to talk, I just want to feel. I want to be in my body, not my head.

No words

Talking dirty is fun and sexy but not everyone wants to think about what to say.

Expressing erotic feeling and desire through non-verbal sounds during intimate play can be satisfying for both partners.

It’s nice to hear affirmative sounds from a lover, to know that they are enjoying what they are receiving. I used to be ashamed of the many sounds that wanted to pour out of me during lovemaking. I worried that so many incoherent moans would make me seem too much. Now I know I have a lot of erotic energy in my body and that I like to express this through sounds.

Pleasure in sound

Making sounds increases sexual pleasure, because more blood flows to the pelvic area.

How about trying out being non-verbal during intimate play? Tell your partner “I am not going to talk but I will encourage you with other sounds”. Or if you want to invite your partner to be non-verbal you could ask them “when you breathe out, I want you to let a sound come out”. It doesn’t matter what sounds come out. Non-verbal sounds can be sighs, moans, groans, grunts, yelps, purrs, humming or growls.

If one partner wants to use verbal dirty talk and the other responds with primal sounds that works too! Or you can both use a mixture of words and sounds to express your desire and pleasure.

In peace, love and kink,
DT xx