Do you agree that animals have more fun? I am going to tell you why I think that animals have more fun and talk about how you can get in touch with your primal self.

Animals are peaceful

One day I was sat by a lake with a friend watching some ducks and I said to my friend “ducks are awesome”, because it seemed that their life was simple and peaceful. My friend though this random statement was hilarious but its not unusual for me to blurt out statements after a conversation in my own head.

Animal instincts

Humans are animals but we forget this because we are very different to the other creatures that we share the planet with.
We can learn about ourselves by observing our animal cousins and emulating them in some ways. Being more like animals can ease our busy minds because it helps us to drop into a more instinctual way of behaving. Our animal instincts connect us to our primal selves.

Primal Self

Pet play is one way of being more primal but there are other ways to embody the primal self, which I teach on my BDSM training courses.
You can hear me talk about what the primal self is in this video:


Your primal self was formed in the beginning, when you were in your mother’s womb, hearing the primordial drum-beat of her heart. Your primal self is wild and earthy, driven to make sure that you survive. Survival needs feel urgent. The primal self is demanding.
It wants what it wants when it wants it.
The primal self is not bound up in expectations, judgements, or ideas of who society thinks it should be. The primal self is guided by a current that is much deeper than cognitive thought.

Animals have more fun

Getting in touch with the primal self can help create massive shifts in mindset and behaviour, because it taps into a very powerful part of the human organism. Make friends with your primal self and have more fun.

My primal self likes to make friends with other animals. Come and play!

DT xx