It’s good to talk.

It’s good to talk about your inner world and I am happy to hear you.
I love what I do. I get to listen to people tell me things they haven’t told anyone else. I love to listen and learn.

Tell me your secrets.

It’s such a beautiful feeling to hold space for someone and in that space they gently begin to have hope that it will all be ok.

Talking moves your thoughts from the inside to the outside, making space for mental clarity to emerge.

Sometimes all that is needed, is someone to reflect back what is shared and then it makes sense.

Then courage can be summoned up to take practical steps to address what might have avoided for a long time.

Know yourself.

When you examine your thoughts and accept them enough to share them with someone else, you feel more at ease. It is  like learning to hold yourself in your own loving embrace, as you come home to the truth of who you are.
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DT x