Some kinksters enjoy being hit with things like floggers, whips, canes and paddles.


I’m holding a flogger in the featured image, which is an implement made up of a handle and numerous straps attached to it. I love to use floggers because they are so versatile. A flogger can paint a range of sensations on the canvas of a human body. The one pictured can administer a nice solid whack (or ‘thwack’ is what it tends to sound like when some force is put behind a blow) but equally the strands are individually very soft and feel nice when slowly dragged across naked flesh in anticipation of something harder.

Hear me talk about pain and pleasure

On my YouTube channel I’ve shared several short videos about the link between pain and pleasure.
Here is a short introduction encouraging empathy with kinksters who enjoy experiencing pain.

In this video I show some impact toys and talk about means of inflicting pain, including impact play.

In this video I share some musings about why kinksters might desire to experience pain.

Conscious kink

I’m a firm believer in conscious kink. That is to say, going into a scene with some understanding of:
– How you want to feel.
– What the needs are that you want to be met within the scene.
– What possible issues could be acted out.

Sensory play

Even if your desire is simply to have a new kind of exciting sensory experience, I believe it is helpful to have an understanding of your motivations before going into a scene.


Impact play can produce a feeling of wellbeing and satisfaction. I’m not saying that kink is a therapy but rather, that it can have therapeutic qualities. I also want to make it clear that I don’t think that kinks are all about ‘issues’ or trauma.

Being physically present

Many of us in our busy adult lives are in our heads all of the time; we feel overwhelmed by thoughts and it might not be easy to slow those thoughts down or relax into our bodies. In this type of scenario, impact play offers a ‘hack’. By receiving a spanking or a flogging, a person can immediately become more present in their body. A consciously administered impact play session can be incredibly soothing, because it enables the person receiving the impact to move from inhabiting their head, to inhabiting their body. It’s actually very relaxing to feel repetitive thudding. For people that experience anxiety or racing thoughts, impact play can be a nice way of them transitioning from their anxious thoughts into the sensations of their body.


Aside from any therapeutic applications, impact play as an erotic practice between sexual partners can be a fun way to experience new sensations together, which don’t focus on the genitals. Impact play can bring variety into sex; it doesn’t have to hurt (although pain can release pleasure endorphins into the body) but it can be playful and exciting to experiment with.

In peace, love and kink,

DT xx